Monday, 14 December 2009

Today mum and I went out

Today mum and I went out to the craft shop and I was very good. I stayed on my blanket and ate a chewie.

We didn't stay long though, only till mum had a cup of coffee. I met Fred, Julie and Ben who came into the shop. They were very nice and really fussed me.

When we got home I curled up in my bed and went to sleep. Dad came in at tea-time so then we played. Here are some photo's of us playing. I won!!

Today I got adopted

Today I got adopted by my new mum and dad, they live far away from John, Brenda, Pip and Grumpy Bobby and they liked me straight away. They said they couldn't leave me there any longer they loved me so much, so off I went with them in the car to my new home.

I stayed on the back seat in the car but they gave me a nice chewie, but I played a game with them cos I kept dropping it off the seat and they had to get it for me. Great fun.

This is me checking out the back garden and it's all mine!!

Thursday, 10 December 2009

My First Post

Hi my name is Maddie and I will tell you all about what I get up to